Modernise your parking lot

Experience easier management, happier customers, and increased revenue.

Every space has different management challenges.

Unpredictable occupancy and overflows. Opportunists parking in allocated bays.

Outdated, tedious, non-compliant, or non-existent access control systems, which often malfunction and are difficult to configure.

Differing usage needs of different sites, which you have to figure out over time.

Management, enforcement, maintenance, and call-out fees make these problems expensive to solve. This forces you to strike a difficult balance between customer satisfaction and profitability. 

Make more money

By increasing your revenue, lowering your operating costs, and more. At the end of the month, you'll close with a better budget for your next project.

Spend less time on management

With full automation of lead-generation, enforcement, access control, and allocation.

Make better decisions

With the right data, the even the toughest decisions can make themselves.

Improve your customers' experience

By providing a live-updating map of occupancy. Don't let them drive to a full lot and take it out on your staff.


Our Services


Live Occupancy Mapping

We've spent two years developing and testing Australia's most accurate, yet most affordable vehicle-scanning sensor technology. We're confident there is nothing on the market that comes close in performance, scalability, and cost.

We manufacture in Australia out of recycled plastics.

Access and Security

As with monitoring, we use technology developed in-house and manufactured in Australia.

We have years of experience upgrading decade-old roller door controllers to modern standards, offering our customers the ability to decide exactly how they want their building to operate.

Our solution is entirely user-configurable and intuitive to use.

Image by Omer Rana

Lead Generation 

We see far too many vacant lots in city areas. We can get your lots filled as soon as possible.

But the right data can provide enough leverage to change that, and enable you to:


We're Australia's leading parking lot technology provider.

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Our Story

We're the fusion of a parking company and a product design firm. We bring our expertise from both areas to bring you exactly what you need, using a completely custom hardware and software solution.

Our Vision

We aspire for better in the parking industry.

No wasted space.
No un-necessary towing and fines.
No privacy violation.

Fully Australian owned and operated, and always will be.


We built our sensors to match the requirements as best as possible. No outsourcing, repurposing, or whitelabelling cheap products to get by.

We have ongoing research to ensure we'll always be ahead of the game.

We're currently partnering with the University of Queensland to research and develop the next generation of vehicle analysis systems.

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