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Modernise your parking lot

Experience easier management, happier customers, and increased revenue.

As a parking provider, building manager, or warehouse tenant, you may find yourself grappling with outdated or insufficient access systems. These can lead to unauthorised access, resulting in revenue loss and wasted time, compromising both customer satisfaction and premise security.

You'll also know that unfamiliarity with realtime site usage can further erode revenue due to suboptimal utilisation.

Addressing these issues reactively proves costly and time-consuming. We advocate for a proactive approach, offering tailored solutions that not only resolve current issues, but prevent future ones, delivering return on investment within months.

We do this by providing access control systems and space occupancy monitoring to solve these problems.

Increase Revenue

Achieve close to 100% usage via our space-monitoring solutions

Spend less time on management

Automate your access control via our easy-to-use ACCESS portal.

Make better decisions

With the right data, the even the toughest decisions can make themselves.

Improve your customers' experience

By providing a live-updating map of occupancy. Don't let them drive to a full lot and take it out on your staff.

How it works

Our Services


Live Occupancy Mapping

Our occupancy mapping hardware adheres to the floor in each parking space, using multiple weatherproof sensors to accurately and cost-effectively detect vehicles overhead.

Access and Security

We specialise in turn-key access control solutions for existing garage doors. Do away with swipe cards and fobs, and grant access based on mobile phone numbers with our easy to use portal.

Image by Omer Rana

Lead Generation 

We see far too many vacant lots in city areas. We can get your lots filled as soon as possible.


Access and monitoring can go a long way;

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Who are we
Our Story

We've been a parking operator since 2013, and witnessed the industries'  problems first-hand. We bring our expertise to bring you exactly what you need based on your individual requirements.

Our Vision

We aspire for better in the parking industry.

No wasted space.
No un-necessary towing and fines.

Fully Australian owned and operated, and always will be.


We built our sensors to match the requirements as best as possible. No outsourcing, repurposing, or whitelabelling cheap products to get by.

We have ongoing research to ensure we'll always be ahead of the game.

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